Channeling An Ancient Alien - Blackout Poetry & Collages

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Mijn eerste Engelstalige boek is een verzameling "blackout poetry" (stiftgedichten). Ik citeer van de flap:

'So, let’s go on a trip without knowing where it will bring us, open your mind for whatever crosses your path, let the Spirits speak to you… And when the Inspiration comes, just follow the flow and lead it through the appropriate channels. Is it the Universal Mind, the Work of Angels, the Wisdom of an Ascended Master, the Message of a Spirit Guide who made his transition? I’m an agnostic, I don’t know. But this is what came through the channels opened by the books and brochures, leaflets and annotations, and the many, many mails and letters written and received by my friend Filip Coppens (1971-2012), also known as the alternative history author Philip Coppens, back in the nineties…'

Enkele uittreksels in kleur (de stiftgedichten in het boek zijn zwartwit):

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