Klik hier voor een internationale "treasure hunt" (ook in 't Nederlands)

A manor house near the Dordogne river and an apartment in Paris

1.000.000 € to win with THE TREASURE TUBE

Argentat – France, June 9th, 2009. The Treasure Tube is a newly launched treasure hunt using the visual codes of pirates from long ago, who were unable to read or write; they used visual marks to remember their hiding places and where they hid their bounty. There is no need for knowledge of a language or a particular subject to succeed at this treasure hunt. Like the pirates of long ago to decode the enigmas of “theft”, you must rely on sharp eyesight, craftiness and imagination.

Here, you must count steps, strides, or simply distances, and find landmarks. Each participant will receive the reproductions of two of Michel Becker’s paintings in real size (3,281 x 3,281 ft) delivered in a tube. They will serve as maps on which three tracing paper blue prints can be stacked. Be as daring as you want while fiddling with the maps: imagination will be you most useful quality.

Of course, the solution does exist and must be found. To encourage the treasure hunters and to give substance to their theses, we will post visual clues from time to time on our website www.comcresus.com . Here, everything is feeling and imagination, and will allow all, irrespective of culture or language, to emerge victorious.

The graphic clues are painted by the artist Michel Becker, who is also the illustrator of the famous treasure hunt “Sur la Trace de la Chouette d’Or” (“Searching for the Golden Owl”).

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